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- The results of degenerative, addictive substances.
Assembly is over then: shortest day of all the term, and I'm certain I saw quite a few relieved faces as the little angels tumbled back out to a freedom they would have treasured better of they had had any idea of what's about to happen to them now. But I must admit I'm glad the day is over too; I still haven't caught back up on sleep. Hopefully the students won't feel that tomorrow morning.

Mr. Etoile: Marvelous speech, as always. Not a dry eye to be found amongst us. I also believe I spotted your nephew in the crowd - I didn't know he were to attend here.

Mr. Anderson: What on earth were you doing back there?

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I've returned home then, at last. Despite the unfortunately delayed flight - for reasons that don't need to be voiced at all - and the luggage mix-up and the fact that this city doesn't seem to have a single functioning taxi service in the wee hours of the morning. Unpacking will have to wait until later today - it's currently 2:34 am and I don't think trying to colour-code my laundry right as of this moment would be a wise idea (although it should be relatively easy given the lack of colour..)
   At any rate, I would like to welcome all our new professors and students who have arrived onto the network during my absence. I hope I shall see you all on the seventh and eighth, respectively. As for now, good night.

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Well then, students and colleagues: it's the last day of the term and Professor Duralle-Cox is signing in for the last time at the office this year. It's been a giving term in many ways, and I hope to see all of you on January 8th. Except you bloody Seniors - off, off and away with the lot of you and don't come back until you've gotten a career and have something truly interesting to tell me about your lives.
   I believe all matters pertaining to work has been taken care of, apart from a faint few formalities. Mrs. Higgings; I can't bring the begonia with me home, so it'll have to sit dying in my office for the next few days. Sorry, but I still appreciate the gesture. Headmaster; whenever you see this - your Christmas-gift is in your post-box in the staff-room. Even; I'll be coming over with yours on Boxing Day as we planned earlier.
   I wish all of you a Happy Holiday. Be safe.

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